77 Hai Ba Trung, District 3, HO CHI MINH CITY

I. Parking System

        The management at the parking lots often take time, effort and loss of property. Application of intelligent parking systems of XPT (parking machine by magnetic card) quickly overcome this drawback. The system bring a speed, accuracy, absolute safety, savings, efficiency and a modern look for the parking lots.

         Intelligent vehicle control system, application smart card technology to control the vehicle in a convenient way. The system enables simultaneous control of two enter / exit lanes at the same port (including a wisp of car, motorcycle). The system combined with number plate recognition cameras, CCTV, capturing and storing images of the vehicle at the time enter/ exit parking lot.


Advantages of the system:

  • Usage smart card its ability read cards contactless and contact, easily operate and lifetime of devices is very high.
  • All devices that use industry-standard, continuously operate in hot environments, more dust. Storage capacity up to 1,500,000 vehicles entering and exiting (both data and images vehicle).

Technologies used:

  • Smart cards memory chip for visitors.
  • RFID card reads in far distance (3 meters) for guests using the monthly card. When enter / exit parking lot without lowering windshield and presenting the card, the system automatically detects the valid card on the car and open the barrier for the car.
  • Usage the camera's photo and number plate recognition software to compare the vehicle entering/ exiting and serve inspection (optional).
  • Usage color cameras to take pictures the front car and driver in transaction so that staffs check and control. 

At the entrance:

  • CCTV is arranged in front of the car to take driver pictures (if necessary).
  • CCTV is installed in the back of the vehicle to take license plate photos.
  • Image is automatically analysed and recognized by the system in order to define the license plate. Then all the information will be encrypted and written on the card, including:
  1. Vehicle information (image, license plate)
  2. Time on parking lot (date, time)
  3. Sender information (monthly ticket)

At the exit gate:

  • CCTV is arranged the back of the vehicle to take license plate photos.
  • Image is automatically analysed and recognized by the system in order to define the license plate.

Then according to license plate, the original information of vehicle, staffs will be able to compare information:

  •  If the information does not match (number plates, car pictures sender ...) shall be handled according to the provisions of parking lot.
  • If the information matches:
  1. Visitors: prescribed fee
  2. Guests pay by monthly ticket: record fee on monthly card, sent back to the client.



II. Camera System


The general principle of Camera systems:

  • CCTV systems are designed according to the standard Full HD IP Camera
  • The camera is placed in the position depending on location and purpose of observation of the area
  • The image signal is collected and processed video signal transmitted over a dedicated wire by camera as heart of system which handles the signals and controls the entire system according to the functions such as sharing pictures, zoom images, networking....
  • The screen displays images that receive from Camera and shown under control
  • DVR will record all the images of the camera onto a standard video tape HD 1920 x 1080.
  • DVR allows playback all images obtained on the HDD and review all of the recorded camera.

Xuan Phi provides high-quality CCTV system for building at 177 Hai Ba Trung include:

  • CCTV system for basement.

Uses: Observe, and timely detect handling breakdown in the parking lot. CCTV systems in main hall.

  • CCTV System is installed areas around the building
  • CCTV System is arranged elevator and floors in the building.
  1. Camera system around and in the building, helping security observe the panoramic area, and resolve any problem promptly occurs. Help customers in the event of emergency.
  2. Photos will be taken to camera room, when something wrong happens, security will find and notify building security to be solved.


III. Access Control


        Some applications of access control systems: restrict people's transaction, control doors at critical areas such as server rooms, the important room where the document is stored, and bank money warehouse;

In addition, there is also a  combination of access control and decentralize oof the elevator in the luxury resident building, hotels,  securities company,...


        Access Control System basically consists of the following components: a card reader; electronic lock (key lock; lock magnetic attraction); 12V or 24V supplied to the card reader.

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